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One of the primary ways God is ministering to women through Secure in Heart is by taking Robin to different churches to speak to women's groups. Her vulnerable, honest and biblical lessons have resonated deeply with women of all ages, backgrounds and faith journeys!

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Sharing from a standpoint of weakness

Robin, as usual, you were not traditional and boy do we need that! Thank you for always sharing from a standpoint of weakness. I believe all of my hardships are there to keep me close to God and to help others. You make this belief come alive.  

– Theresa, New Jersey

The best Women's Day ever!

Thank you for making this Women’s Day in Nashville the best ever! Hearts were melted and drawn closer to God, our loving Father. Thank you for showing us the path back to Him. Your openness and vulnerability made it easier for the women who shared after you, I’m sure. You just paved the way in so many areas. I’m very grateful God gave you the gift to communicate the way you do and that you use that gift to serve God and help others.
– Debbie, Nashville, Tennessee

Triumphant spirit, inspiration, courage

Thank you for bringing a triumphant spirit, inspiration, and courage for the women in Columbus, Ohio to overcome our insecurities and to live the amazing life God wants for each of us!

– Sheryl, Columbus, Ohio

The hug from God we needed

I found everything Robin shared absolutely moved me about to tears. No matter the hurt, no matter the situation, God is there. It was the encouragement and the hug from God we needed!

– Tawana, Forest Park, Illinois

Helped me to better fight the lies of Satan

This wonderful session helped me to better fight the lies of unworthiness and insecurity that Satan has far too often seduced me to believe. Thank you!

– Pat, Edmond, Oklahoma

Ability to connect with each woman

Robin was such an inspiration to the women who attended our recent Women's Day 2007, titled Secure in Heart. It is so easy for us, as women, to try to be strong and to put up walls that keep us from dealing with the true insecurities that lie within. We are so grateful for Robin's example of raw emotion in sharing her inmost fears and her ongoing journey to becoming "secure in heart" as she battles to depend on God. Her insight into the heart of Eve and her ability to connect with each woman in the room were a testimony to her humility of heart. Personally, I almost forgot there were 350 other women in the room. I felt as if she were talking directly to me!

– Julie Williams, Nashville

Openness about her own struggles and insecurities

Thank you again for taking time out of your schedule to share with us at our women's day. I really appreciated your openness about your own struggles with insecurity, and being vulnerable enough to share the challenges in your marriage. I've never heard another speaker speak about such intimate marital struggles.

I found your point on "One Attack,” that Satan's goal is to shame our vulnerability, very profound. That struck home to me, because it makes sense why women are seen as weaker because they are more open, and because they tend to love and care deeply. That point gave me another perspective and I was able to see more clearly Satan's attack on my own life. Your message was real, vulnerable, funny, a tearjerker. It called me to re-evaluate and really embrace my role as a woman. I loved the phrase "that's just the beauty of me" for times when I'm so complex that I can't even understand myself.

– Laynor Joynson, Los Angeles

Deep lesson for women

Thank you so much for visiting Kiev and for your great and deep lesson for women. It really helped me and many sisters! Glory to God!

– Tanya Kzavets, Kiev Ukraine

New and fresh perspective of Eve

At our conference, Robin did a superb job of giving women a new and fresh view of Eve and God's desire to love and protect her security. It was a powerful time together of God cracking open our hearts and helping us go to a new level of vulnerability with each other. When we broke into prayer groups each woman's prayer was such an outpouring of emotion. God's Spirit was so evident in that you could see walls literally toppling down.

– Kelly Brown, Women’s Ministry Leader, Atlanta, Georgia

Exactly what my heart needed

I so appreciated Robin’s openness and vulnerability. I usually dread women’s retreats because I feel insecure, but this one completely changed my attitude towards all women’s events. This retreat was exactly what my heart needed.

– Renée Randall, College Student, Georgia State University

Poured out her heart

I can't even thank Robin enough for the way she poured her heart out to the sisters here. It was encouraging to see such a great turnout!

– Grace Kiaaina, Oahu

Near immediate sell-out of 400 extra books

Through Robin’s sharing of scripture and personal stories, she moved many hearts to find their security in God. The connection that Robin made with the women was evidenced by the near immediate sell-out of 400 extra books we had ordered in addition to the 500 preordered ones.

– Jeanie Shaw, Boston

First time I have gotten such a profound look at my heart

Today I felt like God sees and understands and more than anything desires to restore my heart and my security in him. I must admit that is the first time that I have ever gotten such a profound look at my heart in relation to our heroes in the faith. God used Robin to help me to see that insecurity is nothing new; that it's nothing to be ashamed about and most of all I can be on the victorious side by learning to surrender to our Father in Heaven.

– Shaunette Taylor, New Jersey

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