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As Robin Weidner has traveled across the country and even overseas, she has received hundreds of responses to Secure in Heart. Here are just a handful of lives touched by the message of overcoming insecurity through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Your questions are my questions

As with many of the women who read the book, I exhaled when I realized that your questions are indeed my questions.  I am a person of many words—just ask my friends—yet I was finding it difficult to put words on my feelings.  I couldn’t wrap my mind around asking questions because I was so busy trying to come up with the answers on my own.  Someone has already said that when the student is ready the teacher will appear.  You have been my teacher.

Thank you for putting out some stepping stones for me and others like me to use as we cross over the Insecurity River to arrive on the banks of the Peace be Still shoreline.

– Lori Johnson, Nashville

I can choose to trust God

Secure in Heart made it very clear that the search for security or peace in God is a constant journey. But it also encourages me to know that this journey is not just for single women… It sometimes feels as though being single is a curse. Society has a way of making you feel like there is something wrong with being single at my age (32) - Will anyone ever love me? Will I be alone? I too difficult for any brother to ever fall in love with me enough to want to marry me? Maybe I am too old, not beautiful enough? Am I young enough, humble, submissive enough, etc.? The contrast between Ruth and Bathsheba gave me hope that I can choose to trust God rather than my sometimes overwhelming desires and needs.

I also find encouragement and inspiration in the lives of the many women who battle with various issues in their lives and who overcome with God’s help. I wanted to hug some of the women in the book who had the courage to share about the challenges in their lives. I cried for/with some of them and I look forward to meeting them in Heaven. I loved Secure in Heart because it taught me that true security is only found in God. Now I don't feel abnormal or weak in my faith because I deal with all the emotions that result from life's challenges.

– Danièle Mbesherubusa, Burundi

I was in tears

I bought Secure in Heart with someone else in mind, but quickly discovered that this book was as much for me (if not more) than for anyone else. I wasn’t even through the introduction before I was in tears. Thank you for pouring your heart and life’s experiences into this book. I have never been much of a reader because there never seems to be enough time to actually sit and read with three kids, a husband and running a boutique and salon that we own. Your book however, is worth the time.

I am certain that a Soup and Security discussion group will be a great tool for reaching out to the women in my neighborhood. I’m so looking forward to the first meeting!

– Cristine Berensohn, Seattle, Washington

Digs deep and refuses to give shallow answers

There is tremendous honesty and hope throughout the pages of Secure in Heart. Weidner digs deep into the hearts and minds of women and refuses to give shallow answers for the things that lead us to be insecure. She offers compassion for the needs and desires many women have, but also provides wise insight into how to live securely when those needs and desires aren't fully met the way we want or think they should be.

– Shannon Kekhaev, Chicago

Resonates with women from different walks of life

I’ve never seen a book that has resonated with so many women from so many different walks and stages of life. It has struck a nerve and met a need! Secure in Heart compassionately addresses the root of our insecurities, yet leaves no question as to the answer. It’s clear Biblical teaching points the reader back to God as it gently but firmly teaches us to see ourselves as He sees us. It convicted me, inspired me, and forced me to examine my heart and convictions, while alternately making me laugh and cry. As a women’s ministry leader, this book has become an invaluable resource in helping me train women to love God more deeply, obediently, and securely. I love this book and recommend it to all women.

– Meegan Zillman, Women’s Ministry Leader, Chicago, Illinois

Your experiences and openness touch my heart

I am a Christian from Malaysia and was excited to hear that there is a book to help women overcome insecurity. Secure in Heart has helped me pull through a lot of tough times recently. Your experiences and openness really touch my heart and enlighten me. I started a Soup and Security group with a campus sister – we call it Tea and Security! I wish to get more people to join and will keep you updated on the progress. Thank you from my heart.

– Seh Yen, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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