Secure Forever

The Greater St. Louis Church Secure in Heart Midweek Series
Barri Lusk, St. Louis, Missouri

"As we have heard, so have we seen in the city of the Lord Almighty, in the city of our God: God makes her secure forever."
-- Psalm 48:8
The Greater St. Louis Church offered a women’s midweek series based on “Secure in Heart” this past spring semester. Over ninety women of all ages and backgrounds came together for twelve weeks to learn from Robin Weidner’s life-changing book.
Class participants were asked to purchase the book and read one chapter a week, according to the syllabus. Each class session began with a twenty minute review of the chapter, followed by thirty minutes in small groups.
In the book, Robin Weidner calls these small groups, “Soup and Security” groups. Because we could not have soup in the sanctuary, we tweaked the name and called our groups, “Sharing and Security” groups.
Sharing, laughing, crying, and ultimately, growth took place as women were inspired by Robin’s vulnerability to open up about their own battles with insecurity. Over the twelve weeks women grew closer to the Lord and to one another as a result of the safe haven of these small groups.
The midweek series ended with a “Soup, Salad, and Security Celebration!” in the fellowship hall. The potluck dinner was delicious, but the main course was a good news sharing time of how each woman had grown to know the security of God’s love in a deeper way.
Secure in Heart is a book that related to everyone in the class regardless of age, background, or maturity in Christ. Robin’s openness and insights into her own life connected with us all. As relatable as the book is, it is also filled with fresh insights that called us to greater spirituality. Many visitors participated in the class, including two women that studied the Bible and became Christians.
Psalm 48:8 states that the city of the Lord is “secure forever.” We are grateful for Robin’s contribution as we journey toward being secure forever in the Lord.

The majority of the Secure in Heart Midweek lessons are available online at the Greater St. Louis Church website. Or, you can download each lesson below. Note: in order to download the following files, you must have a media player installed on your computer.


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