Un Corazón Seguro (Secure in Heart)
Soup and Security in Spanish

At that time there were devout Jews from every nation living in Jerusalem. When they heard the loud noise, everyone came running, and they were bewildered to hear their own languages being spoken by the believers.” (Acts 2:5-6, NLT)

When Iris Cobb’s mom, a member of the Boston Church of Christ, came to visit the Montgomery County Church in Maryland, she had a very important request of her daughter. “Will you read Secure in Heart?” Iris’ mom didn’t read in English, but she recently heard Robin Weidner speak at their women’s day, and knew Iris would benefit from the book. 

Upon first glance, Iris wondered one thing (and asked a question many of us readers have asked ourselves!), “Does she think I’m insecure or something?” But getting past her initial skepticism, Iris began to read. And read. And read. And very quickly realized that the book was indeed meant for her.

Not long after Iris started her journey through Secure in Heart, another sister, Amy, stopped by to chat. “I’m reading this really good book,” Amy mentioned. “It’s called Secure in Heart.”

Recognizing God’s hand in the situation, Amy and Iris immediately began to pray about starting a Soup and Security group. But the more Iris prayed, the more she sensed something was still missing. So, when Amy casually suggested that Iris lead a group for the Spanish-speaking sisters, she knew right away, “That’s it!”

And so their Spanish Soup and Security group journey began (though they replaced the soup with tea!).

“Some of the sisters responded to the book the same way I did, like, ‘I don’t think this is for me,’" Iris remembers. "But I would share, ‘Once you start reading the book, you’ll see something.’” Sure enough, as the sisters began to read and go deeper, they had much to talk about!

Since the members of the Spanish “Tea and Security group” were bilingual, Iris encouraged anyone to call her to ask clarifying questions. “We always spoke in Spanish in our group, but read the book in English,” Iris says. “Sometimes sisters would call and ask what certain things meant. I was happy to help them along, so it worked out.”

As for the structure of their meetings, Iris admits taking a backseat behind Robin in leading the discussion. “We really took Robin’s instructions to heart and made sure the women knew that the group was their group. We also created a document in Spanish with our guidelines and reassured everyone that the group was meant to be a place where they could share and not be judged.”

Iris also suggested that each woman call or get together with someone during the week, so they didn’t spend group time trying to advise one another or deal with unresolved issues. As a result, the women were able to discuss their reading and encourage one another. “When we met, we’d go over the questions at the end of each chapter,” Iris shares, “We’d usually focus on one of two things: 1) Something we learned about ourselves that week or 2) One thing we knew Satan was trying to whisper in our ears.”

During their last meeting earlier in March, the sisters enjoyed a dessert feast and celebrated the many areas of their lives that had changed as a result of their group!

“A lot of women said they were really touched by the book,” Iris affirms. “And because we were able to share in our own language, we could go so much deeper. As we were meeting, many situations would pop up in the women’s lives, and God used the book to show them where they were at. They could say, ‘I’ve been going through this issue and can see my insecurity here.’”

In addition to the Spanish ministry group, women throughout the Montgomery County Church have become very familiar with Secure in Heart, including the teen girls. “I feel like this topic is a huge issue in our hearts,” Iris says. “And because God put this book in our hands, we’re seeing how big of a need it really is.”

If you want to start your own Spanish-speaking Soup and Security group and would like some input, feel free to e-mail Robin at questions@secureinheart.com and she will forward your message to Iris!

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