2007 Secure in Heart Women’s Day
Jeanie Shaw, Boston

More than 1300 women packed into Lombardo's on Saturday, March 10, for a day blessed by God! Days earlier, registration for our 2007 women's day, Secure in Heart, had to be closed due to reaching the maximum crowd the facility allowed.

We were teens, grandmothers, singles, college students, young marrieds, moms, new Christians, old Christians, neighbors, friends, relatives, work mates--all backgrounds and ethnicities together learning how God is the answer to all the insecurities that surround our lives. The fellowship was lively, and the love and warmth felt from the Christians was evident to all.

Imaginary Bubbles of Our Insecurity
The morning opened with a "very tight continental breakfast fellowship" due to the crowd. We began the thoughts for the day envisioning the "imaginary bubbles" of our insecure thoughts in words that could be surrounding us:
Will I know anyone?
Will I have a place to sit?
Will my friend enjoy this?
Do my pants make me look fat?
I think I wore the wrong shoes...will anyone notice?
Did what I said to her sound stupid?"
And on and on…

Julie Kinscheck sang a fun yet poignant song that she had written for the day, entitled "Secure in Heart," which she performed with Kristen Lamb and Diane Wick. (Listen to the song.) Suzanne Clark then played and sang her original song entitled "You Know Me." This song was moving, touching and reached into the depths of our hearts and relationship with God. Faith in Action then sang "We Are."

Going Back To Eve
Robin Weidner then delivered our keynote speech. Coming from the Chicago Church of Christ, Robin has ministered to many women, especially of late as she has shared so vulnerably and powerfully her difficult journey to security in God, chronicled in her book Secure in Heart.

Robin shared her personal battles, which resonated with and related to so many women in the room. She shared primarily from the scriptures about Eve, from whom we can learn so much about our own temptations. Her first point centered on our special gift of connection, or relationship, and how we as women were created for relationship. Secondly, Robin expounded on Eve's succumbing to temptation and our own battles with Satan whose desire is to steal our security by questioning God's goodness. She reminded us of God's amazing love for us, demonstrated again and again.

Our Gift of Relationship
Robin concluded the message with the challenge to choose the path to security, which is our gift of relationship--specifically our relationship with God. While we may be tempted, like Eve, to run to the bushes scared, we must instead refuse to be ashamed of our insecurities and be open about them with God and one another. The Bible is our guide on this path to a relationship with God.

Through Robin’s sharing of scripture and personal stories, she moved many hearts to find their security in God. The connection that Robin made with the women was evidenced by the near immediate sell-out of 400 extra books we had ordered in addition to the 500 preordered ones.

Lydia McAnulty, accompanied by Angela Perry and Zahra Belyea, closed out the day livening up the room as she sang "Unwritten," a song reminding us that where we go from here is totally up to us. God moved powerfully on this day, and we are grateful.

Quotes from Women Who Attended:

It was great to hear someone who personally struggles with insecurity share so openly and vulnerably about her battle to overcome. The day gave me hope that I too, can overcome my insecurities.

Thank you to the Boston Church for the wonderful Women's Day! I thought it was one of the best we have ever had. I was a bit skeptical before the event took place. I wondered what I could get from a speaker who titled her book " Secure in Heart". My character is one of pride and I didn't think I would connect to a woman who struggles with insecurity. After Robin spoke I was amazed at how much I could relate to her stories and how much my life is filled with insecurities and doubt. Thank you Robin for your vulnerable examples and open heart. I gave the book to one of my patients in my clinic and we are getting together this Sunday to talk about how God can rescue us from the insecurities that plague us in life.

My friend from work really enjoyed it and has been reading the book. She'd like to come to church soon and I'm getting her a Bible. She asked what version we were using because she found it more understandable than what she has at home.

Woman's Day was incredible! My friend from school where I teach came. I was able to share about my sisters in Christ, and about how they went above and beyond to support me. She said she just had to meet them. Of course she loved them all, and I can see the window God has opened in her heart. She loved Robin's message, and she bought a book.

A Physician Assistant student working in our office came and loved it. She wants to come to church on Sunday. She believes God put her in our office as I do and she is planning on studying the bible with me. Another friend loved it and wants to be a part of a "Soup and Security" group. Finally, my acupuncturist came and also loved it.

My dear friend of 12 years came this weekend with her daughter and they both loved it!! They are both reading the book and were so encouraged by the Robin's message and could identify with so much of what she said. My friend's daughter is interested in our teen ministry's Bible talk


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